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High-risk and “aging out” youth lacking independent livings skills and support NEED YOUR HELP.



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You can help to minimize negative outcomes such as human trafficking, homelessness, incarceration, and pregnancy.

Meet the Founder and CEO

Greetings to all! Harris House of Hope Inc. was founded August 17, 2021. My career has been dedicated to serving and working with children and families. From teaching children with autism and emotional behavioral disorders for 6 years, to working as a School Resource Deputy for 16 years, and working as a social worker in child welfare from 2017-2024. I obtained my Masters in Social Work, graduating summa cum laude. Roschonda married her high school sweetheart, Gregory Jr. 12/19/1999. We have two biological children, Aaliyah and Gregory III. Aaliyah graduated with her BA in Criminal Justice from FAMU. She serves in the military and currently attending law school in Orlando, FL. Gregory III obtained his MSW from FSU and currently works at the VA Hospital. Since 2012 we have fostered 57 youth, provided respite to even more, and adopted 4 children: 3 of different ethnicities and 1 who has Waardenburg Syndrome. We believe in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Quality Service, Accountability, Diversity and Inclusion, and Transparency. We have served over 500 youth. One of my favorite scriptures is found in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8: “A Time For Everything.”

Mrs. Roschonda Harris, Founder & CEO



Our mission is to increase positive outcomes for youth who have high social, emotional and behavioral needs, and youth who are on the cusp of aging out of care and in need of independent living skills and support. Through targeted recruitment of families who are willing to provide a family and home to youth who are at increased risk due to these high-risk factors, Harris House of Hope can decrease the odds of a youth leaving foster care without achieving permanence. Harris House of Hope specializes in the service two uniquely underserved populations: High-risk behavioral and “aging out” youth who do not meet the requirements for placement into a state approved ILP. We are passionate about providing youth with a safe and nurturing environment that keeps them connected to community, family, and friends through their journey into adulthood after being in foster care. Harris House of Hope is centered around community partnerships, targeted recruitment, parent-focused training, supports, and incentives.



Building a community-based child placing agency that is designed to meet the specific needs of youth with high-risk behaviors while minimizing negative outcomes youth face as they approach adulthood. Harris House of Hope will increase positive outcomes for youth by strengthening and supporting caregivers while providing resources and creating a community base of support and opportunities for youth. Harris House of Hope is based on the principle of long-term support and healing of our youth in care.

Our agency’s principle is rooted in the following:

  • Developing and maintaining staff and caregiver resources who are willing, committed, and highly trained to serve youth with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges, and the “aging out” population
  • Maintaining stable resources, placements, and minimizing risk to youth in our care
  • Maintaining trauma informed and evidence-based practices


Our Principles

Harris House of Hope is based on the principle of long-term support and healing of our youth in care. We are committed to the following:

Equipping families and providing resources to ensure safety, permanancy, and well-being.

Raising awareness around the needs of vulnerable children and youth.

Creating and fostering connections while maintaining trauma informed care and utilizing evidence-based practices.

“If you know us then you know that our home and hearts are filled with Love. Laughter. Prayer. Harris House of Hope is helping us grow our family.”


– Strozier Family

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